We offer a compassionate approach to yoga through continuing education & trainings. Our curriculum is built on a foundation of contemporary anatomy, neuroscience, and research-backed mindfulness tools.

Hosted by The UNC Program on Integrative Medicine

Our teacher training will help you to become your own teacher and self-care expert, as well as, to share safe & transformative practices with others.

This training consists of 11 weekends plus additional synchronous & asynchronous learning.

Our students represent a wide range of backgrounds and narratives.

Apply, make payments, and learn more about the Community Care Fund, a catalyst to increase the proportion of underrepresented individuals within the yoga community. 

Why Compassion?

Compassion, like any muscle, can grow and expand with practice. We work together to awaken our individual and collective compassion capacities & learn how to apply this in daily life. 

The curriculum, group experience, and integrative approach of our training will provide you with more than a certificate to teach - it will provide an opportunity for personal growth and reflection.


We assist students to discover what makes them feel satisfied, balanced, and whole - and how to extend those gifts to others - through our guiding principles. 

We use lecture, practicum, discussion, independent reading and research, embodied practice, small group exercises, and play to explore and integrate our comprehensive curriculum.

Every student has the opportunity to create a capstone project to explore their personal & professional interests. Discover examples of past capstone projects here.


We provide yoga-inspired continuing education for nurses, physical therapists, and yoga educators.

We are passionate about helping others discover the yoga tools that are appropriate for them through exploration of the human body, biomechanics, movement education, neuroscience, mindful self-compassion, and the brain/body connection.