Why Compassion?

Compassion is like a muscle that, like any other muscle, becomes stronger with relevant exercise. Your capacity to take compassionate action towards yourself and others can grow and expand with practice. Throughout the Lead With Compassion yoga teacher training, we work together to awaken our individual and collective capacities to:

  • awaken and grow compassion for ourselves using research-backed practices
  • explore difficult emotions that may arise within the relationship that we have with ourselves, including that with our physical body
  • tend to ourselves with curiosity and an open heart
  • explore and cultivate our own innate strengths as teachers and/or practitioners
  • widen our circles of compassion to include those around us and lead yoga practices that meet others where they are
  • learn how to effectively teach with mindful attention to the use of props, asana variations, language, and other tools that allow for bio-individuality and agency among students
  • lead those that you love and/or the populations that you serve/teach in compassion-based mindfulness practices
  • Bring compassion, variety, and effective interventions to your healthcare practice