Graduates of the Lead With Compassion Yoga Teacher Training program are prepared to teach balanced, safe & transformative yoga classes and practices to the populations that they serve.

Our Students Are...

  • Healthcare professionals serving populations that could benefit from lifestyle interventions such as yoga and mindfulness
  • Those ready to set aside time for themselves, so they can be better employees, managers, parents, and partners
  • On a journey of personal growth, exploration, and education to support them in caring for their own body-You don't need to plan to teach others at the end of this program.
  • Looking to develop the ability to be more peaceful and courageous, and more compassionate towards self and others
  • Interested in the human body, biomechanics, movement education, neuroscience, and the brain/body connection
  • Bodyworkers & other professionals working in the field of somatics wanting to expand their skillset 
  • Experienced yoga teachers looking to expand upon, refresh or diversify their current offerings
  • Individuals looking to obtain their first 200-hour yoga teacher training certification

"I learned that self care can come in many different forms and it’s heart is about listening to and honoring your body." Isabel Roth, 2019 Graduate

"This training has allowed me to find my own authentic voice as a teacher and has taught me so much about myself." Grey Vojnovich, 2019 Graduate


"This was a transformative process, supported by 2 intelligent and strong teachers. I’m so glad I bravely committed to this training." Danielle Simon, 2019 Graduate

We are honored to have several past students join us as mentors to the upcoming training cohort. Learn more about them here.

"Our training is for those who wish to foster greater awareness and ease in their own body, and become their own self-care expert." Laura Terry, Lead Faculty

Upon completion of our 7-month program, you will be eligible for the 200-hour level of registration (RYT) with Yoga Alliance if you chose to become a teacher. The curriculum, group experience, and integrative approach of our training, however, will provide you with more than a certificate to teach - it will provide an opportunity for personal growth, reflection, and new skills to share with others.

Website Testimonials

More from Maya:

“My oldest was ten years old when I made my way back into the ‘yoga-fold’. About two years in, I enrolled in this training thinking it might provide tools to improve well-being in my own [stressful] life. As a physician-scientist specializing in disorders of skeletal fragility like osteoporosis what I didn’t realize at the time is how relevant the training would become for me professionally. My understanding of movement deepened; I am now able to speak about safe spine movements as confidently as I do about medications or lab results.  It is hard to name one aspect of my medical practice, research, or teaching that improved as a result of this training, as the benefits are all-encompassing.  It is probably no accident that both yoga and medicine are referred to as ‘practices’,  requiring a life-long study of body and mind.” --Maya Styner, MD

Our teacher training will help you to become your own teacher and self-care expert, as well as, to share safe & transformative practices with others.

"One of the most important offerings of this training is the opportunity to feel what it is like to be truly kind to oneself." Whitney Wilkerson, Lead Faculty.


More From Our Students

"Through this training, I learned that historically I have been really hard on myself. I also learned that my relationship with myself is the most important one that I have. I can now catch when I am being unkind to myself and reframe the entire experience. I have really adjusted my relationship to myself!"


"I learned that self-care goes deeper than just making time and going through the motions like getting enough sleep, time for yourself away from family. It means finding the time and compassion to see and understand myself."