Self Care Series

January 5, 2020 & February 2, 2020  

Hosted By ClearWind Farm in Chapel Hill, NC

January 5, 2020 Topic: Lymphatic Flow

By design, yoga supports many of the organ systems in the body, including detoxifying systems like the lymphatic system. Centuries of trial and error and refining postures and breath practices have led to one of the most full body and holistic forms of movement. Twists, compression, and breath practices seem to magically improve lymphatic flow and detoxifying processes in the body. Learn sequences and poses that will enhance this built-in secret weapon of yoga. If you have specific lymphatic issues or a sluggish lymphatic system, this class is for you. Ruth Newman, Balance Through Movement Visting Faculty, is a lymphatic massage therapist, trained at the Vodder School for Manual Lymph Drainage.

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February 2, 2020 Topic: Ultimate Neck and Shoulders Release

Therapeutic yoga, self massage, traditional physical therapy, and integrative positional therapy for improved posture, pain reduction, freedom and ease of movement, and shoulder stability. Laura’s care, expertise, and attention to the anatomical details will help bring your body into alignment and change your yoga practice for the better.

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