What would life feel like without that chronic back, neck, shoulder, or hip discomfort? 

Our Pain & Tension Relief Membership offers evidence-based practices to help you find relief and develop a healthy relationship with movement. Therapeutic movement and mindfulness practices, many that are 15-minutes or less, combine pain science, mindfulness, physical therapy inspired movement, and yoga with additional evidence-based approaches. Those looking for a longer practice can take advantage of our live monthly class with our expert teachers & trainers.

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Each month you will receive access to new content and maintain full access to our entire library of content for as long as you remain a member. Access includes:


  • Weekly therapeutic movement practice (15 minutes or less)
  • Monthly live practice (60 minutes)
  • Monthly meditation recording

How it works:

Access your membership through our private web portal or smartphone app (IOS or Android) at a time that works with your schedule and choose a practice that supports your body’s specific needs.

As a Physical Therapist, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Yoga Educators, and as individuals that have lived with chronic pain & tension, we have developed a whole-person approach that is gentle, mindful and offers relief. This approach empowers you to relieve pain and tension with simple tools - and the guidance to access them.

Monthly themes:

Each month has a unique theme to help you discover an integrative approach to caring for your body and relieving pain & stress. The practices are approachable for all levels and abilities of participants, regardless of past yoga & mindful movement experience. We want every-body to have a chance to feel better and live with greater ease and freedom. With a focus on self-efficacy, tools for caring for body and mind, and efficient practices that fit into your daily life, we are skilled guides for offering variations of movements to suit diverse bodies so that you can get back to feeling and functioning your best.

Launch pricing 

$34.99 a month or $329.99 annually (save over 20%!)

Build a set of safe, supportive tools and habits to live life with less tension, reduced pain, and greater ease and freedom in your body. Tools & habits to help you thrive.

Feel better. Live with more ease in your body. We look forward to you joining us.

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