We provide yoga-inspired continuing education for nurses, physical therapists, and yoga educators.

Empowering Healthcare Workers With Tools To Thrive

July 28, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:10 PM

Open to RNs and all Healthcare Workers interested in this topic.

Healthcare workers spend a significant amount of time and energy caring for others. As a result, they are typically overworked, overwhelmed, and too fatigued to care for themselves after expending energy in caring for others. Micro-practices of mindfulness and gentle movement can aid in assisting healthcare workers in feeling less burned out and more empowered to care for themselves and their patients.

We use practices that have been cited as strategies to cope with impending or current burnout including mindfulness and yoga as well as compassion-based practices reported by The Journal of Clinical Psychology to decrease depression, stress, and burnout and increase compassion for self and others, mindfulness, and job satisfaction among healthcare workers.

During this course, participants will learn accessible, easy to implement, and research-backed yoga, mindfulness, and compassion-based interventions that have been shown to increase reported well-being and improve professional and personal interactions.