Chapel Hill, NC Yoga Teacher Training Overview

We are multi-disciplinarian practitioners and trainers with a human-informed approach to teaching yoga. We offer a non-dogmatic style of yoga that adapts to and supports people to thrive in the modern-day.  

Our teacher training program is for those who wish to foster greater awareness and ease in their own body, become their own self-care expert through the cultivation of a sustainable yoga practice, and explore how combined with mindfulness and compassion, this can contribute to a more balanced and integrated life. Graduates of the Lead With Compassion Yoga Teacher Training program are prepared to teach balanced, safe & transformative yoga classes and practices to the populations that they serve.  

Upon completion of our accredited program, you will be eligible for the 200-hour level of registration (RYT) with Yoga Alliance if you choose to become a teacher. Students will also receive a Balance Through Movement Mindfulness & Meditation Certification to reflect the knowledge and experience gained during this training that will support them in their own practice(s), and prepare them to lead others in mindfulness practices.


This program will be held at Sfeer Studio located in Chapel Hill. A bucolic setting, Sfeer is surrounded by nature and is home to a variety of peacocks and other wildlife.


Training will be held Saturdays & Sundays on the following weekends:

Dates to be announced Spring 2020.


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Why Compassion?

Compassion is like a muscle that, like any other muscle, becomes stronger with relevant exercise. Your capacity to take compassionate action towards yourself and others can grow and expand with practice. Throughout the Balance Through Movement: Lead With Compassion yoga teacher training we work together to awaken our individual and collective capacities to: 

  • meet ourselves in the present moment
  • explore difficult emotions that may arise within the relationship that we have with ourselves, including that with our physical body
  • awaken and grow compassion for ourselves
  • tend to self with an open heart using research-backed practices
  • explore and cultivate our own innate strengths as teachers and/or practitioners
  • widen our circles of compassion to include those around us 
  • learn to lead yoga practices that meet others where they are
  • learn how to effectively lead physical yoga practices with props, asana variations, language, and other tools that allow for bio-individuality and agency among students
  • lead those that you love and/or the populations that you serve/teach in compassion-based mindfulness practices



Our Curriculum

Balance Through Movement places an emphasis on Hatha Yoga as a living tradition to support students physically, emotionally & energetically. Our teaching honors and uses the vocabulary of the Hatha Yoga tradition and integrates cross-disciplinary tools to enhance and enrich the practice. Through the use of multi-modality movement, as well as, building student’s capacity to respond to their body’s natural intelligence we keep our coursework relevant and supportive of our modern lifestyles. In addition, our experiential Teaching Laboratory gives students real-life teaching experience within a supportive community and an opportunity to receive feedback from all-levels students, peers, and experienced teachers. The curriculum includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Intentional, mindful yoga asana designed around contemporary anatomical, biomechanical and physiological knowledge
  • Restorative, Yin, & Therapeutic yoga to nurture a healthy nervous system 
  • Physical therapy informed movement practices for joint pain, osteoporosis, injury, musculoskeletal problems
  • Dynamic balance, strength & stabilization, and postural & muscular balance training
  • Neuroanatomy: the role of the human brain as related to mindfulness, trauma, and pain science
  • Exploration of energetic anatomy (the subtle body) and the role it plays in our wellbeing
  • Breathwork as a tool to build awareness, energize the body, and calm the mind
  • Effective use of props to compassionately support the body and minimize the risk of strain or injury 
  • The benefits of conscious rest 
  • Mind & body awareness practices



Learning Objectives

We use lecture, practicum, discussion, independent reading and research, embodied practice, small group exercises, and play to explore and integrate our comprehensive curriculum. Our curriculum supports you to:

  • explore and define what ‘yoga' means to you
  • become your own self-care expert as you learn about and develop a deeper, more respectful relationship with your own body through our dynamic human anatomy curriculum
  • cultivate an open heart that includes compassion for your own body, mind, and spirit and how to extend that to others
  • discover who you are as a confident teacher - your own voice, your own gifts, your own unique approach
  • become part of a group of dedicated learners in an inclusive, supportive environment
  • teach others how to listen to their own bodies in a mindful way, so they are able to recognize postures, movement patterns, or internal/external stress that impacts their physical and emotional well-being
  • teach others to be able to respond to pain, discomfort, anxiety, and tension with specific movements, exercises, and practices that make them feel better


Guiding Principles

Balance Through Movement recognizes that in order to share the benefits of mindful yoga practices with others we need to first attend to and care for ourselves. Our training is based on a comprehensive curriculum, with opportunities for self-study and research, real-time investigation, and self-exploration. We assist students to discover what makes them feel satisfied, balanced, and whole - and how to extend those gifts to others - through our guiding principles. 


    • We aim to create an environment that celebrates inquiry, self-discovery and self-advocacy  
    • We encourage our students to develop a relationship with and become an ally to, their own body. We teach people, not poses. 


    • We teach from a place of strength. Our diverse Faculty brings a wealth of professional expertise that enriches our training.
    • We lead from a place of authentic mindful presence - and encourage participants in our programs to do the same


    • We see possibility in all body types and encourage students to develop a non-shaming, body-positive approach to their own yoga practice 
    • We support mindful, safe and purposeful movement based on body mechanics and the limitations and the freedoms of each body


    • We help students discover the yoga tools that are appropriate for a wide range of human variability that includes biology and biography.
    • We support students’ ability to move their body mindfully using equitable, inclusive language. 



Our Students Are:

    • On a journey of personal growth, exploration, and education to support them in caring for their own body—You don’t need to plan to teach others at the end of this program.
    • Looking to develop the ability to be more peaceful and courageous, and more compassionate towards self and others
    • Interested in the human body, biomechanics, movement education, neuroscience and the brain/body connection
    • Bodyworkers & other professionals working in the field of somatics wanting to expand their skill set
    • Experienced yoga teachers looking to expand upon and diversify their current offerings
    • Individuals looking to obtain a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification
    • Healing professionals serving populations that could benefit from lifestyle interventions such as yoga
    • Those ready to set aside time for themselves, so they can be better employees, managers, parents, and partners



Is Balance Through Movement YTT right for you?

Upon completion of our Yoga Alliance accredited program, you will be eligible for the 200-hour level of registration (RYT) with Yoga Alliance if you choose to become a teacher. Students will also receive a Balance Through Movement Mindfulness & Meditation Certification to reflect the knowledge and experience gained during this training that will support them in their own practice(s), and prepare them to lead mindfulness practices and loving-kindness meditation with others. 

The curriculum, group experience, and integrative approach of our training will provide you with more than a certificate to teach - it will provide an opportunity for personal growth and reflection.